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Support for students affected by the ongoing conflict in the Middle East

We understand that the continued conflict and loss of life in the Middle East is impacting our students and broader University community. There are a range of University supports available to you if you are affected. We encourage you to reach out for help if you need it so that you are supported physically, mentally and academically.

Special consideration↗

If the current events are impacting your ability to study and meet deadlines, you may consider applying for special consideration. Information on how to apply for special consideration, required documents and deadlines for applications can be found on the Student website. To summarise the information on that site:

  • When completing your special consideration form you should select 'Misadventure/unforeseen events' as the reason you are applying.

  • If possible, submit your application within three working days of the original due date or exam sitting date. We do understand if you are unable to submit your application within this timeframe. If this is the case, you will be prompted during the form to provide a reason for why you were not able to submit within this timeframe.

  • For supporting documents, you will need to attach a student declaration stating your current situation and an estimated date you will be able to complete your assessment if possible. This is a word document that you can download, complete and submit with your application.

  • If you submit an application for special consideration and it is approved, but you then need some additional time, please submit a new application.

  • If you no longer require consideration for your assessment please submit a withdrawal request here. Please note that you will need to withdraw the request for special consideration either before the release of results for that assessment or the completion of a replacement assessment, whichever comes first.

Peer Support Advisors↗

Peer Support Advisors are students at the University who can assist with referring you to relevant information and University units and support services. Peer Support Advisors can be contacted here.

Wellbeing and counselling services↗

Your safety and wellbeing are our highest priority. If you are experiencing wellbeing concerns and would like to talk to somebody, connect with our Wellbeing Team.

Student Life, Wellbeing and Support webpage↗

For more information about the services above and a range of other services, please visit our Student Life, Wellbeing and Support webpage.