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Join the Official Someday Soon Promoter Team

For the first time, we’re launching a Someday Soon Promoter Partnership exclusive to USYD Students.

If you’re planning on coming to Someday Soon, this is your opportunity to get some discounted tickets for you and your mates! Plus, top promoters will be awarded prizes.

How Does it Work?

1. Simply fill out this form
2. Once approved, we'll contact you with a unique ticketing link
3. Share your unique ticketing link with your mates, anyone who uses the link will get $5 off
4. Anyone who purchases tickets from your unique link is added to your tally of tickets sold. Your own ticket will contribute towards this tally
5. If and when you reach the benchmarks, you’ll automatically receive the Promoter prize
6. If you are the top Promoter, you will receive the major prize

Promoter entries close on 14 October. Winning promoter will be notified on 15 October.

Promoter Prize Breakdown

BLUE: 10 Tickets
2 x Double pass to 2 different shows of your choice at Enmore Theatre, Manning Bar, Factory Theatre or Metro Theatre
+ $50 Bar Tab at Someday Soon 
+ Fellr / Mountain Goat Merch Pack

GREEN: 25 Tickets
5 x Double pass to 5 different shows at Enmore Theatre, Manning Bar, Factory Theatre or Metro Theatre
+ $100 Bar Tab @ Someday Soon
+ $150 Visa EFTPOS card 
+ Fellr / Mountain Goat Merch Pack 

PINK: 50 Tickets
2 x Golden Ticket to receive free entry to every show at Manning Bar in 2024 for you and a friend. Includes Someday Soon 2024
+ $100 Bar Tab @ Someday Soon
+ $200 Visa EFTPOS card
+ Fellr / Mountain Goat Merch Pack

The promoter that sells the most tickets by 14 October 2024 will win 2 x SXSW Sydney Music Festival Badges

Terms & Conditions

  • Promoters must purchase their own ticket to attend Someday Soon

  • Promoters must prove they are a current USYD student or USU Member

  • Prizes do not have redeemable cash value and are not non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-negotiable

  • For Enmore/Factory/Metro Theatre Prizes, you must attend a show prior to March 2024. Shows are subject to availability

  • Promoters are entitled to one prize only – that being the prize equal to lower amount. For example, if 30 tickets are sold, they will receive GREEN (25 tickets)

  • This is not open to USU employees, Board Directors or agencies of the University of Sydney Union, their family members or anyone else connected to USU