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Someday Soon FAQ


Where can I purchase tickets to Someday Soon?
Tickets are only available from our official ticketing partner, OzTix. They can be purchased here.

How many tickets can I purchase at one time?
A maximum of 8 tickets per transaction for USYD Students and General Public. USU Rewards are limited to 1 per person.

Do you have buy now, pay later options?
Yes, we offer Zip. Zip is a buy now, pay later provider that allows you to get what you need now and pay for it overtime at a frequency of weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as long as you're covering the minimum monthly repayments. More info on Zip here.

Do I need my name on my ticket?
Yes, we require all ticket holders to have the correct name and contact details associated with each of their tickets. Names will be checked against the ticket on the day.

I can’t find my ticket?
Please check the junk or spam folder from the email address you provided when purchasing your ticket. If you still cannot locate your ticket, please complete OzTix’s customer support form.

Do I need a hard copy of my ticket or can it be on my phone?
We will accept printed copies, electronic versions or screenshots of tickets.

Can I sell my ticket on a social media platform?
No, selling tickets through any third party website goes against the OzTix ticket terms and conditions. If you need to sell your ticket, you can do so through the official OzTix resale system or Tixel.

Can I resell my ticket?
Yes, you can resell your ticket via Oztix official reseller platform, Tixel.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can process a refund via our ticketing partner, OzTix. All refunds can be processed through  OzTix’s customer support form.

I have more ticketing questions
Please use the OzTix customer support form for any questions regarding ticketing. 

Ticketing terms and conditions
See OzTix terms and conditions here.


Is Someday Soon all ages?
No, Someday Soon is an 18+ only event and you will need to show a valid photo ID to enter.

Security MUST see your physical and the original photo ID in person and will not accept photos of ID’s on phones.

You will need one of the following forms of photo ID on arrival and on your person throughout the entire event:

  • Current valid Australian driver’s licence (with the photograph)

  • Current passport 

  • Government Issued Proof of Age Card

  • Keypass ID

  • International driver’s licence (must contain a photograph)

What time does the festival start?
Gates open at 2:45pm (AEST), with performances starting at 3:00pm. If you’re keen to be one of the first in line we recommend planning your journey to arrive ready for gates open.

Are there passouts?
No, there are no passouts, so you won’t be able to leave and come back in, make sure you have everything you need for the festival before you arrive. 

Is this a cashless event?
We strongly encourage card only - there is no ATM facilities, so if you need to use cash come prepared.

How will I know when my favourite artist is playing?
Set times for each stage can be viewed here.

Is there a cloakroom onsite?
Yes! There is a cloakroom located near the entrance to the festival at the main entrance, so you can stash your jacket or other items you don’t want to carry around all day - please don’t leave anything valuable in the cloakroom. There will be a $5 charge per cloak. 

Where will everything be located at the event?
Festival Map of Manning House and the stages can be viewed here.

Will the event go ahead in bad weather?
Someday Soon will go ahead, rain, hail or shine! There is plenty of cover and spaces to chill.

If there are severe and destructive weather conditions, we may be forced to postpone, if this is the case then all ticket holders will be contacted as soon as possible.

Can I grab some merchandise at the event? 
There will be Artist Merch available onsite, in addition to artist merch available from our merch stand located within the Ground Floor.

What type of camera can I bring?
You can bring anything from an iPhone to a disposable camera however we do not permit professional cameras of any kind. Any camera with a detachable lens is not permitted.

Am I allowed to smoke at the event?
You can only smoke in the designated areas. Food and drinks will not be allowed into these areas. No vapes or e-cigarettes are allowed into the event as they contain liquid.

Can I bring in my own medication?
Prescription medication is allowed, however it will need to have a label showing your name that matches your ID. 

Can I bring my water bottle? 
We do not accept metal or glass water bottles, however EMPTY plastic bottles are accepted.

What is the Someday Soon drug policy?
Illicit substances are not welcome at Someday Soon, any illegal substances, including illicit or synthetic substances are banned. 

Can I BYO alcohol?
No, alcohol is not allowed into Someday Soon as it is a licensed premises.  

Can I charge my phone?
Yes, there will be charging stations available throughout the venue.

Can I get cash out at the event?
There are no ATM facilities onsite or nearby Manning House. We strongly recommend card only payments at bars and food zones.

What time does Someday Soon close?
12:00am (AEST) October 22 is when Someday Soon ends. 


Where is the venue?
Someday Soon is at Manning House, Manning Road, The University of Sydney.

You can either get buses that stop at either these two stops:
City Rd, University of Sydney OR Parramatta Rd, Footbridge University of Sydney.
Manning House is approximately a 5-10min walk from either bus stop. 

Redfern station is the closest train station to the University of Sydney and it is then a 20min walk to Manning House. 

Public parking
There will be very limited public parking on campus -  we strongly advise parking in and around Glebe or Forest Lodge if you must drive.

Taxi / Rideshare
If arriving via taxi or rideshare, request the drop off location as Manning House.There will be a dedicated Transport Zone located at Manning Road. 

Public drop off and pick up
Manning Road will be closed all day. Any taxi/ride share or other vehicles will be asked to drop off and pick up at the Transport Zone, located on Manning Road near the intersection with Fisher Road.


Gates open at 3pm to Someday Soon. If you are keen to be one of the first in line, we recommend planning your journey to arrive ready for gates open. Please ensure you have your ticket and photo ID ready for scanning for quick entry. Security will also want to check your bag.

The main entrance for Someday Soon is via the Someday Soon rainbow steps at Manning House, on Manning Road at the University of Sydney. 

We recommend you bring everything you will need for the entire day, as there are NO passouts.


  • Printed ticket or screenshot of your ticket

  • Photo ID; we accept:  NSW digital ID,  Australian driver licence or learner permit 

  • Passport (from any country)

  • Adult proof of age card

  • A recognised proof of age card (e.g. Keypass identity card)

  • Foreign driver licence

  • Cash and cards

  • Sunscreen (up to 110 ml only), sunglasses and a hat

  • A jacket or jumper to keep you warm when the sun goes down

  • Reusable clear plastic water bottle that is empty

  • A pair of comfortable shoes


Security will be performing bag checks and you will be asked to hand over any items that are on the banned list below, so it’s best to leave these things at home.

Attempting to bring these banned items into the event may result in confiscation or denied entry. Anything that could cause harm is a prohibited item and will not be permitted entry to the venue.

  • Bags larger than 20cm x 30cm 

  • Alcohol

  • Illegal substances, including illicit or synthetic substances

  • Liquid of any kind including hydration packs or bladders (empty plastic water bottles are allowed - no glass or metal bottles)

  • Weapons or dangerous items of any kind including laser pointers, selfie sticks or plastic guns

  • Glass and aluminium containers of any kind (including perfume bottles)

  • Cans, aerosols and metal water bottles

  • Creams over 110mL (this includes sunscreen over 110mL)

  • Make-up in glass containers (anything that is not in a glass container is allowed)

  • Prescription medication without the label showing your name that matches your ID

  • Loose medication (original sealed prescription medication is allowed but will be subject to review by qualified medical staff - please note this will take time on entry)

  • Video and audio recording devices, including GoPro’s, selfie sticks and drones (other than mobile phones)

  • Professional still cameras or professional audio/visual recording devices (small cameras are allowed, if it fits in your pocket it’s allowed)

  • Strictly no animals (with the exception of service or assistance animals, such as Guide dogs)

  • Promotional material of any kind including stickers, flyers, flags

  • Flags and flag poles

  • Umbrellas (please use a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead)

  • No food or beverages

  • All receptacles must be empty - all bottles must be empty

  • Flares, fireworks or laser lights

  • Bicycles, skateboards, surfboards, hoverboards, scooters or personalised motor vehicles

  • Portable seating of any kind

  • Tables, eskies, coolers, tents or sun shelters

  • Metal cutlery and bottle openers

  • Studded clothing

  • High-visibility vests or clothing impersonating event staff, gang related uniforms (including jackets or uniforms that impersonate police, event staff or other emergency service personnel). 

  • Any items determined as dangerous by security or event staff 


Patrons have the right to refuse a search, however, those that do so acknowledge they will be refused entry to the event without a refund.

If you feel at any time that yours or someone else’s health or safety is compromised, please advise the nearest staff member or security guard. 

Failure to comply with any health measures implemented or directives given by either local, state, or federal governments, or event staff or security may result in eviction without the right to re-entry or to obtain a refund. In the case of evacuation, please follow the directives of venue event staff and all emergency services personnel. 


Someday Soon is committed to providing an inclusive environment that is accessible for all people. Manning House does have a number of stairway entries, however there are multiple ramp entryways with lift access to each level. 

For more information regarding accessibility at the event, please reach out to us via [email protected]. We can arrange lift access on arrival and ensure safe entry to the event.


There will be multiple bars on different levels with FREE water available all throughout the site. There will be multiple food trucks and market stalls setup on Manning Road as well as food available from Manning Cantina, located on Level 2 of Manning House.

We will attempt to cater to all dietary requirements. Bar snacks are always available at the Main Bar located on Level 2.

Bringing your own food and drink into the event is NOT allowed. No receptacle or bottles with liquid will be allowed into the venue. All bottles must be empty. 


The USU is committed to a sustainable future for our campus community and has made commitments ensuring sustainability is embedded into everything we provide – from our events and cafés to our student programs and facilities. Someday Soon will be no different and to meet our commitments we will ensure:

  • No single-use plastic: our festival will implement the Bettercup recycling system at all Bars. We ask that you pay $1 deposit with every drink, simply return the cup to the bar each time to get $1 off or your deposit refunded. All food trucks will use only compostable packaging that can be composted via USYD’s organic waste program. All theming we have curated for Someday Soon 2022 will be repurposed for next year's event.

  • Water: feel free to BYO water bottle. Bottle must be empty at doors, no liquids will be permitted into the site. There will be multiple water refill stations setup throughout the site 

  • Waste management: dispose of any cans into the purple recycling bins, compostable packaging & food waste into the green organics bin.

  • Public transport: we ask everyone to try to get public transport. There is very limited parking onsite and this is better way to arrive


Sydney Uni Health & Well Being reps & Red Frogs teams will be onsite for the duration of the event.

In addition there will be first aid officers on site from St John’s Ambulance. If you have any trouble finding our first aid officers, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff for assistance. Our first aid rooms will be shown clearly on the event map.

If at any point during Someday Soon you feel unsafe or need to report an incident, please either approach one of our security guards or staff members to report the issue and we will provide assistance and support. 


On the day all lost items will be taken to the Front Desk at the main entrance of Manning House. After the event has concluded, all items of value will be taken to Level 3, USU Holme Hub. Contact the USU via [email protected] if you have lost something and want to make a lost property enquiry after the event day. 


All artist set times for each stage will be available soon.


A map of Manning House and stage locations will be available soon.