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Locker Hire

USU provides lockers at three locations across campus. Our lockers are available to all USU Members for semester and annual terms. The following prices include both the locker and the required padlock:

Semester Hire
USU Rewards: $67.50
USU Members: $75.00

USU Rewards: $81.00
USU Members: $90.00

Wentworth: Level 2 and 4
Holme: Ground Level
Manning: Ground Level

Once you’re a USU Member you can hire a locker here ↗

If you are eligible for a University-approved disability discount on locker hire, please contact us here.


Can I hire a locker for a day? 
USU locker hire terms are set for semester and year-long durations only, so the pricing is also fixed and cannot be adjusted on a day-use basis. While you would be able to still hire a locker and choose to use it for a day, this would still come at the standard flat rate listed.

How and when can I access the lockers? 
Hire is available to all USU Members. USU Membership is free for all USYD Students. Join here.

How large is the locker? 
All USU lockers are H 450mm x W 375mm x D 450mm. We strongly suggest you to inspect the locker in person before hiring.

What do I do if my contact details change? 
It is the responsibility of the principal hirer to inform us if any of their contact details change. Failure to do so could mean missing out on vital information about the lockers. Please contact us about any change of details.

Why can’t I use my own padlock? 
All lockers use a standardised padlock to prevent them being used without hire.

Can I keep the padlock? 
As the padlock is non-refundable, you can keep your padlock. However, you MUST remove the padlock before your hire expiry date. All padlocks remaining after the expiry date without renewals will be bolt cut and removed. It is YOUR responsibility to remove your padlock before the expiry date.

If I wish to renew my locker for the following year or semester, would I need to purchase another padlock? 
No, you can continue to use the same padlock you purchased from USU.

Can I change the combination codes? 
No, unfortunately not.

What happens if I forget my code? 
If you have forgotten your padlock code, please contact us. Please note we are only able to provide the combination to the principal hirer of the locker.

I have hired a locker, and I would like to hire another. How do I do this? 
Please contact us here.