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Campus Chiropractic & Wellness

We have a dedicated team who are using the best of science, natural methods and an evidence base to give you our best chiropractic care. People, especially those using desks, come to us first for help with:

Headaches | Migraine | Neck Pain | Tight Shoulders | Back Pain | ‘Misaligned’ Pelvis | Sciatica | Nerve Pain | Poor Posture | Muscle Spasm | Knee Pain | Scoliosis | Sports Performance and more. 
 The reason people come back to us is because they know that the help we give them with their health issues, helps them with their work, fitness, study, relationships and general outlook on life. We’re here to give you more movement, less pain, more life!

Get a computer analysis of your posture – only $7 (save $30)! Have a posture assessment and discuss your case with the on-campus chiropractor.

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Opening hours

Monday - Friday8am - 6pm


Level 3 Wentworth Building Cnr Butlin Ave, Camperdown, NSW
T (02) 9351 8099