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Schools Days

USU’s Debating Society Schools Days are an exceptional opportunity to expose students to opportunities available at university and to offer feedback from some of the most qualified debaters and adjudicators in Australia.

Many of our adjudicators and seminar leaders have coached prestigious representative teams and reached high levels of university debating and adjudicating, giving them a wealth of knowledge to provide to students. At most School Days, students watch a demonstration debate and adjudication, and participate in seminars tailored to their experience level.

In addition, our Schools Days teachers’ program offers the opportunity for staff members, teachers and coaches to build their own debating skills as well as the skills required to bring out the best in their students. Our teachers’ program is constructed and presented by some of the most esteemed coaches and adjudicators in Australia. Opportunities include in person and online Seminar Days and Competitions.

Coaching Jobs

Many of our members work as casual and part-time debating and public speaking coaches at schools around Sydney. If you would like to advertise a debating or public speaking coaching position, please email contact us with details.

If you are a student seeking employment as a debating coach, keep an eye on our Facebook page and Debaterbase newsletter for opportunities.