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Regulations & Committee

Debates Committee

The Debates Committee is a body of twelve students who look after specific portfolios and work together to coordinate the activities of the society. At the end of each year, new members of the Committee are selected by USU with all members of the society encouraged to apply. The Committee holds monthly meetings where matters of the Society are discussed.

Debates Committee Members

Director of Debates – Sam Trotter
Communications Officer - Isabella Freeland
Competitions Officers - William Price and Sam Druce
Development Officers - Katrina Kuo and Eugene Bakker
Intervarsity Officers - Oscar Chaffey and Jonathan Ryan
Schools Officers - Sophie Shead and Elinore Douglas
Socials Officer - Kira Trahana
Women’s Officer - Annabelle Menzines

Committee Regulations ↗

Debating Points

How to earn points

Points can be earned through a variety of activities which help the Society. You should try to earn both service points (earned through service to the society) and development points (earned by helping with novice development). Check this table and see how you can earn points.

Registering your points

To have your points recognised, you will need to fill in the form linked below whenever you want to claim them. You can contact the Director of Debates at any time to check your points status here.