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USU’s Debating Society is one of the most successful in the world, often appearing in the finals of national and international competitions and developing some of the most recognised and awarded speakers. However, we are also a great place to begin debating, with regular training and mentorship from experienced debaters. Whether you just want to try debating or are keenly competitive, joining the USU Debating Society is a great opportunity to hone your speaking skills and make new friends.

Debating Society

What is debating?

Debating is an activity where teams of speakers argue for or against a topic. This can be fun and casual - like you’ll see at our Internals - or highly competitive - like at the World Championships! Debating involves your public speaking skills, powers of persuasion and general knowledge.
You can also learn to adjudicate debates, which is a tricky, yet rewarding, skill! If you want to find out more about debating and how to do it, come along to our Internals on Wednesday evenings throughout semester.

What does debating involve?

Weekly internals are a great way to practice and get to know other debaters. You’ll also be able to learn from experienced members of the Society through seminars. Internals are held every Wednesday throughout semester, with seminars starting at 5pm and debates starting at 6pm.

Types of competitions

Casual weekend tournaments (a.k.a. ‘minis’) are held most weekends throughout semester and are hosted by various universities in the Sydney region. They’re totally optional and allow you to form a team with your friends. Major tournaments, such as the World Championships or Australian Championships, are longer and more competitive tournaments held a few times per year. Trials are held to select contingents to these events.

Get involved

The easiest way to get involved is to sign up to our weekly newsletter, Debaterbase and follow us on socials: FacebookInstagram and YouTube.