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Festival of Creativity

Festival of Creativity is the perfect opportunity for USYD students wanting to get inspired, tap into their creative side or simply to learn and develop new skills.

Students can explore and embrace their inner creative with a week of performances, workshops, networking opportunities and so much more!


The Festival is tentatively scheduled for Sem 1, Week 8: 15 to 19 April.

We will be supplying extra funding to Clubs and Societies who hold events or workshops during this week.

These events or workshops should aim to cover one or more of the following objectives:

· Contributes to campus culture and/or community

· Produces a space for you and your collaborators to learn and develop skills

· Encourages collaboration with team and/or audiences

Check out the link below for more information or to apply for a Club Grant*.

Find Out More
*Please note these grants are only open to registered Clubs and Societies of the USU