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Workshop: Intro to Gongfu Cha

This workshop will be an introduction to the traditional Chinese Gongfu (工夫) style of brewing tea. You’ll get to learn a little bit about the way of tea (茶道 cha dao) and the history of tea in China, how to evaluate teas, what tools and techniques are used in gongfu cha, and how they are used to bring out the flavour, aroma, texture, and colour of tea.

Attendees will be taught how to use a gaiwan (盖碗), and are welcome to bring their own to the workshop! The teas brewed will be a Tieguanyin oolong (铁观音) and a Bulang Jin Zhen black tea (布朗金针).

Capacity is strict to 15 attendees due to venue and event structure limits.

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5:00 pm to 7:00 pm