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Explore artist HOSSEI’s amazing art Exhibition ESSSENSSSE at USU’s Verge Gallery, right here on USYD campus! Bring your friends to experience this stunning iridescent installation for free.

ESSSENSSSE is an aquatic ecosystem that explores the tenacity of the human spirit. The dreamy exhibition is the third instalment to what artist HOSSEI calls his “sister shows,” O, presented at UTS Gallery & Art Collection (NSW) in 2023, and later THUNDERBLOOM at West Space (VIC) in 2023. Where O focused on the physical body, being up in the air and in transit, and THUNDERBLOOM looked at the human psyche, the weather in the mind, a stormy night – ESSSENSSSE is the next morning, the BODY, MIND, SPIRIT after a big night, looking at the sea for new beginnings.

Exhibition: running 14 February – 24 April
Launch Night: 15 February 6pm – 9pm

14 February 12:00pm
15 February 6:30pm
22 February 6:30pm

5 March 12:00pm: Masterclass with HOSSEI
15 March 12:00pm: Panel Talk “Writing for Performance in Contemporary Art”
22 March 1:00pm: Workshop “Accessible Arts Writing for Exhibitions”

Verge Gallery