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Zixuan Zhang Banner Image

Zixuan Zhang

Faculty/Degree Held
Health and Medicine

Year of Studying/Conferring

USU Positions
Member - Sydney University Chinese Students Association 2021-2024
Member - Sydney University Pharmacy Association 2021-2024
Member - Sydney University Photo Society 2021-2022

Other Interests
I also really enjoy spending my spare time taking photos and enjoying important experiences with my friends! Going out and capturing these moments is always really fun for me. Like most people, I also really enjoy eating and going out for great food with great company, but when I stay in I love to watch TV dramas or other shows to relax and unwind!

Candidate Policy Statement
Hi everyone! My name is Shirley (Zixuan) and I am running this year to be a USU Board Director and to represent each and every student on campus! If I am lucky enough to be elected, I want to implement the following policies (and more!) to support you:

We Stan International Students
a) A cultural exchange program to complement language exchange
b) Life in Australia Basics programs to help educate international students
c) Bring back the USU WeChat
d) Revive the ISL
e) Advocacy for concession opal cards

We Stan Campus Life
a) More delicious restaurants and desserts on campus
b) Increase convenience of campus transport
c) More festivals!

We Stan Affordability
a) Cheaper food on campus
b) More Happy Hours
c) More USU discounts
d) More giveaways
e) Extend FoodHub hours

We Stan Clubs & Societies
a) More transparency with execs
b) More funding for C&S
c) More training for C&S execs
d) Improve C&S governance processes

If you would like to see all of the above and more, make sure you say We Stan Shirley and vote [1] Shirley (Zixuan) Zhang for USU!

Describe the key roles and responsibilities of a USU Board Director
There are many key roles and responsibilities of a USU Board Director. For example, working with students to listen and hear what they say and then to represent this on the Board is important. It is also important to work to implement meaningful changes and policies. It is also a role of governance and working with the USU team that is there permanently. Making sure they are working well and giving them the student ideas are very important parts of the role. It is also a role where being approachable and known to students is key.

How will you ensure that you can commit the time required to be an effective Board Director?
I will make sure that I can commit the time required to be an effective Board Director by balancing my study and workloads with the responsibilities of the role. I understand how important the work of the USU is for students and will prioritise it. In doing so I will be able to dedicate myself and my time to the USU and keep the right amount free to do well in the role.

How will you represent the best interests of the student community, while also representing the best interests of the USU?
The USU is an organisation which exists to serve the student community, and in the end even where short-term conflicts might appear to be present, what is in the best interests of the student community is in the best interests of the USU. There may be times when it is hard to communicate certain decisions, or they may seem difficult at first, but keeping this in mind will allow me to represent the student voice and ensure the strength of the USU. This is true even where some decisions are necessary to protect the USU itself.

Identify an area of the USU where you would like to see improvement and explain how this will be of benefit to the organisation and/or students
I would like to see the USU improve in its accessibility to all students. The USU tries very hard to provide amazing services and events, and does a good job, but often it is hard for students to know about or access these. For example, international students may not receive information in more traditional ways, or there may be other cultural or linguistic barriers. I want to work to fix these and ensure that the USU can provide for all students. This will maximise engagement and the value of the USU on campus.

Nominator 1
Yiqing Zhang
Science III

Nominator 2
Alice Ip
Medicine and Health IV