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Phan Vu

Faculty/Degree Held

Year of Studying/Conferring

USU Positions
International Student Officer - Sydney University Law Society 2024
Careers and Development Director - South East Asian Law Society 2023-2024
Ethnocultural Arts Initiative Co-Chair - Sydney University Law Society 2023
Member - Sydney University Economics Society 2022-2024
Member - Vietnamese Student Association at University of Sydney 2023
Member - Financial Management Association of Australia 2024
Member - Social Tennis Society 2024

USYD Positions
Econometrics Student Partner - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 2024

Other Interests
I am an international student who moved to Sydney from Ho Chi Minh City in 2022! Following my grandma’s legacy, I am an avid fan of baking and love to try different recipes (this was super helpful during COVID lockdowns)! In my spare time, I love to play tennis and to meet new people this way! I am also into theatrical plays. I can't perform but always make time to enjoy them. Additionally, I enjoy volunteering in my spare time, and it's great to see familiar faces on campus whom I’ve greeted at Study NSW’s International Student Welcome Desk.

Candidate Policy Statement
For a Phantastic University experience and to see all of the ideas below implemented, make sure to vote [1] Phan Vu for USU!

Phantastic Support for International Students
a) Create a USU Jobs Board
b) Re-introduce USU WeChat
c) Revitalise the International Students Lounge (ISL)
d) Continue advocacy for Concession Opal cards

Phantastic C&S Program
a) Increase funding for ALL C&S
b) Provide lockers for C&S hire
c) Improve the venue hire process
d) Increase the USU’s consultation with C&S execs
e) Hire more staff for more effective communication with C&S

Phantastic Campus Culture
a) Increase Happy Hours on Campus!
b) Increase student input on campus food outlets
c) Partner with local establishments for rewards schemes to benefit USU members

Phantastic Cost of Living Solutions
a) Reduce food prices on campus!
b) Implement a USU textbook loan scheme
c) Create a USU Equity Portfolio
d) Ensure disability inclusion requirements to all USU C&S events

Phantastic USU Governance
a) Incorporate the USU for a more appropriate corporate structure
b) Improve the USU’s investment policies and performance
c) Conduct a USU Constitution review and organisational structures
d) Ensure greater synergies and a better relationship with the University

Describe the key roles and responsibilities of a USU Board Director
I see the responsibilities of a USU Director as being twofold. First, there is the requirement to represent student interests in all that the USU does. In overseeing of the organisation and in the activities a Director undertakes, being a student voice and ensuring student interests are furthered is central. I also see the role as one of governance. Ensuring the USU is run appropriately, that its policies and procedures ensure good outcomes, and that the management team is effective are critical. In comprising these two elements, the role is a combination of a “board director” with the “student” qualifier.

How will you ensure that you can commit the time required to be an effective Board Director?
Being a USU Board Director is a major commitment, and I would ensure that I treated it as such. To me, given that the role is one representing all students, I would make sure USU responsibilities always come first. I would be willing to tailor my studies around this role and ensure I would not overburden myself elsewhere. I also have strong enough time-management skills which will make sure that committing the time won’t be an issue in the first place. My passion for the role would allow me to go above and beyond to be an effective Board Director.

How will you represent the best interests of the student community, while also representing the best interests of the USU?
By representing the best interests of the student community, a Board Director is representing the best interests of the USU, and vice versa. The duty of a Director is to the USU’s membership, especially insofar as the organisation is unincorporated. It is important to tailor the actions of the USU toward student-centrism, one of the key pillars of its strategic plan, and in doing so it will ensure the success of the organisation and engagement of the membership. The success of the USU relies on the engagement of the student body, and the student experience relies on a strong USU.

Identify an area of the USU where you would like to see improvement and explain how this will be of benefit to the organisation and/or students
I think a major issue with the USU itself as the central student organisation is that there is fantastic engagement with the clubs and societies under its auspices, but unless someone is considering running for Board or knows someone that has, they don’t engage with the USU itself. This then means that when the USU runs its own initiatives, such as events or festivals or programs, there is less understanding or engagement. By increasing awareness, engagement, and integration, we can ensure that the great things the USU does and can do reach as many students as possible!

Nominator 1
Ha Hoang
Business III

Nominator 2
Justin Wang
Business, Law II