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Naomi Viegas

Faculty/Degree Held

Year of Studying/Conferring

Other Interests
I'm a lively, social individual who spreads positivity wherever I go. Approachable and cheerful, I enjoy connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. I'm passionate about art, design, and exploring new places, as well as baking delicious treats. Adventure is my middle name; whether hiking, climbing, or paragliding, I'm up for it. I also appreciate the calm of stitching and the challenge of mountaineering. I also love volunteering and tutoring little ones. Despite my petite stature, I possess unwavering determination and a fierce spirit: For its not the size but the strength of the fighter, and I live by that motto.

Candidate Policy Statement
As a candidate for the USU Board, I am committed to representing the diverse needs and voices of our nearly 40,000 members. My slogan, "Your Voice, Your Vision, Our Future: Let's Shape USU Together", embodies my dedication to fostering inclusivity, transparency, and student-centric decision-making within the organisation. If elected, I will prioritise listening to the concerns and ideas of students, ensuring that their voices are heard in all discussions and decisions made by the Board. I will work tirelessly to promote initiatives that enhance student life, support academic success, and create a welcoming and vibrant campus community for all. Together building a stronger and better USU for all.

Describe the key roles and responsibilities of a USU Board Director
The key roles of a USU Board Director are to ensure effective governance and representation of the student body. Directors must adhere to legal obligations, including fiduciary duty and duty of care, as outlined by the Institute of Company Directors. They are accountable for upholding the Constitution, Regulations, and Duty Statements, while fostering respect and collaboration within the Board and community. Attendance at meetings, budget sessions, and training sessions is mandatory. Directors must maintain transparency, accurately represent Board policies, and declare conflicts of interest. They also advocate against threats to student organisations and return USU property on completing their term.

How will you ensure that you can commit the time required to be an effective Board Director?
I am fully dedicated to serving as an effective Board Director and understand the time commitment involved. I will prioritise my responsibilities by carefully managing my schedule, ensuring that I attend all mandatory meetings, budget sessions, and training sessions. I will also maintain open communication with fellow Directors and USU staff to stay informed and engaged. Additionally, I am committed to fulfilling my duties with diligence and accountability, allocating sufficient time and energy to address student concerns, uphold Board policies, and contribute positively to the USU community.

How will you represent the best interests of the student community, while also representing the best interests of the USU?
I will prioritise student interests while balancing the overall welfare of the USU. To achieve this, I'll actively engage with the student community, listening attentively to their needs and concerns. Through transparent communication and collaboration, I'll advocate for initiatives that benefit students while aligning with the USU's mission and goals. Additionally, I'll seek feedback from diverse student groups to ensure inclusivity in decision-making. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, I aim to represent both the student community and the USU effectively, working towards common goals that enhance the overall student experience.

Identify an area of the USU where you would like to see improvement and explain how this will be of benefit to the organisation and/or students
One impactful initiative for the USU could be hosting e-waste collection drives on campus, providing students with a convenient and responsible way to dispose their old electronics, diverting potentially harmful materials from landfills. We could implement other sustainability initiatives like introducing composting bins in campus dining areas, promoting energy-saving practices in student facilities, and organising educational workshops on sustainable living. With students involvement in these, the USU not only reduces its environmental impact but also fosters a culture of sustainability and stewardship among the student body. We can thus make a significant difference in preserving our planet for future generations.

Nominator 1
Rishabh Singh
Engineering I

Nominator 2
Sameer Malik
Engineering I