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James Dwyer

Faculty/Degree Held

Year of Studying/Conferring

USU Positions
President - Sydney University Data Society 2023-2024
Coordinator - 2023 Welcome Fest 2022-2023
Vice-President - Sydney University Data Society 2022-2023
Secretary - Sydney University Data Society 2021-2022
Vice President - Sydney University Statistics Society 2023-2024
Camp Leader - Sydney University Mathematics Society 2023-2024
Camp Leader - Sydney University Science Society 2023-2024
Camp Leader - Sydney University Undergraduate Engineering Association 2023-2024
First Year Representative - Sydney University Computing Society 2021
Student Consultant - BusinessOne 2021

USYD Positions
Councillor - 96th Sydney University Student’s Representative Council 2024
Member - 94th Sydney University Student’s Representative Council Standing Legal Committee 2024
President - Beta Gamma Sigma 2023-2024
Engineering Undergraduate Representative - Academic Board 2023
Undergraduate Representative - Engineering Faculty Board 2023
Undergraduate Member - Engineering Faculty 2023
Social Events Coordinator - Faculty of Engineering Dalyell Scholars 2021-2024
Undergraduate Member - Business School Advisory Board 2021

Other Interests
My name is I'm James Dwyer, and I'm a fourth year student studying Computer Science and Business Analytics. Other than my time at University, I love volunteering and have especially focused on work as a White Ribbon Community Ambassador over the last year. In my spare time, I love playing guitar, singing (badly) at karaoke, hitting the gym and playing sports. Most of all my happy place is hanging out with friends in and around campus and going to all the amazing club & society events held every week to meet new people and enjoy our amazing university.

Candidate Policy Statement
From rising cost of living to increasing HECS debt, life as a student is not getting easier. Campus needs a community now more than ever that can provide essential relief to students, uplift diverse voices and empower clubs & societies to rebuild our once famous campus life. That's why you need to HIRE DWYER for USU.

I'm James Dwyer, a fourth year student with 2 years of work experience in the USU and as an executive of over 5 different clubs. Over my time at USYD, I have learnt the in's and out's of every department, managed teams of 50+ and even ran a Welcome Fest for 50,000+ people, which has given me the skills to get the work done.

So I'm PUMPED to be running on a platform of FUELLING campus life by enabling BIGGER and BETTER society events, giving MORE support for students during the cost of living crisis through FoodHub, putting MONEY back in YOUR HANDS through student representation and much, much more.

But most of all, I want to serve you by making 2024 the year to SUPERCHARGE the USU, so this election get on BOARD and HIRE DWYER for USU.

Describe the key roles and responsibilities of a USU Board Director
A USU Board Directors role and responsibilities can be best characterised as a role of service, vigilance and vision. A board director in a practical sense is responsible for steering the direction of the USU, ensuring that the organisation continues to prosper moving into the future. This entails a responsibility to be an ethical leader and to ensure that the goals and targets of the USU are being met. More broadly, a key role and responsibility of a USU Board Director is to ensure that the USU's direction is one that puts the interest and wellbeing of students first.

How will you ensure that you can commit the time required to be an effective Board Director?
In order to fully commit to the role of Board Director, I will continue to use my current time management techniques while also freeing up more than enough necessary time from my schedule. By the time I take my post I will have discharged my last duty as President of a USU society, giving me much more free time. I have previously completed a full time study load to a high standard while working 2 jobs and being president of 2 societies, so I remain confident that I will have more than enough time to be an effective Board Director.

How will you represent the best interests of the student community, while also representing the best interests of the USU?
At all points during my directorship I would be first and foremost a voice for the diverse student community at USYD. Through my clubs & societies experience, I have gained first-hand insight into the importance of including student perspective in leadership decisions about students. Therefore, as a director I will strive to maintain and expand a network with key campus groups while routinely giving students opportunities to discuss and raise concerns about the USU. This will be balanced and complimentary to my professional duties, with me being able to act as a representative of the USU's interests on campus.

Identify an area of the USU where you would like to see improvement and explain how this will be of benefit to the organisation and/or students
One area that I am heavily focusing my campaign this year on is the need for improvement in the relationship and structure of the clubs & societies system. Through my experience of working with and in the USU, I believe that increasing the resources available to grassroots student organisations creates a more organic and vibrant student life, and the USU should act chiefly as an enabler of greater campus life in this area. This will be of significant benefit to both the organisation and students, increasing membership and engagement while making the university experience at Sydney much more enjoyable.

Nominator 1
Daniel John O'Shea
Arts and Social Sciences, Business III

Nominator 2
Olivia Lee
Arts and Social Sciences II