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Georgia Zhang

Faculty/Degree Held

Year of Studying/Conferring

USU Positions
Producer - Law Revue 2024
Cast Member - Law Revue 2023-2024
Easters Contingent Debater - USU Debating Society 2023-2024
AWGMDC Contingent Debater - USU Debating Society 2023
Member - USU Debating Society 2023-2024
Member - SULS 2023-2024
Member - ChocSoc 2023-2024
Member - SparkSoc 2024

USYD Positions
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Officer - SRC 2024
Member - Sydney University Netball Club 2023-2024

Other Interests
Hi everyone, my name is Georgia, and I’m a 3rd year Arts/Laws student from Adelaide! I am an avid baker (currently deprived as I have no kitchen), with a habit of eating everything that I bake immediately after it comes out of the oven… In my spare time, you’ll probably find me obsessing over random musicals and listening to the sound track on repeat, which has definitely been exacerbated by doing Law Revue… My experiences as a migrant has fostered a strong anti-racist and feminist perspective, something that I will seek to implement in all aspects of the USU.

Candidate Policy Statement

a) Free and expanded access to rehearsal and performing space for revues and performing arts
b) Create more paid campus gig opportunities in collaboration with C&S and the Conservatorium
c) Increased and more accessible equity tickets for USU events
d) Streamline C&S registration processes
e) Increase discretionary C&S funding

a) Revive Enviro Week, including speaker series, panels and publications
b) Collaborate with Gadigal Centre to centre Indigenous voices at Enviro Week
c) Conduct a USU environmental sustainability review and plan
d) Fundraise aid for communities ravaged by the climate crisis
e) Support climate strikes and enviro activism

a) Expand FoodHub offerings to include other essentials, eg. household cleaning products and condoms
b) More cheap food deals at USU outlets eg. expand free bonus breakfast to every weekday
c) Increase staffing for FoodHub; avoid relying on unpaid volunteers

a) Increase students’ awareness of Safer Communities and improve the Consent Matters Module in collaboration with Safer Communities Office
b) Expand the Student Safety Conference (SSC), enact all policy recommendations from SSC
c) Implement anti-racist and cultural competency training for C&S execs, in addition to sexual assault bystander intervention training
d) Continue the fight for International Student Concession Opal Cards

Describe the key roles and responsibilities of a USU Board Director
A Board Director must represent and advocate for students’ interests. This looks like overseeing the smooth operation of the USU to provide students with the best possible campus experience, but freely voicing dissent when needed. USU Board Directors are also responsible for monitoring the USU’s systems of governance, control and accountability, and therefore ensuring transparency within the USU to allow for student scrutiny. Board Directors should also proactively consult members of the student community, particularly minority groups, to meet the needs of its members.

How will you ensure that you can commit the time required to be an effective Board Director?
As I have always been involved in a myriad of extra-curricular activities, time management has become one of my greatest skills. I will ensure that I commit enough time to the Board by prioritising Board responsibilities, which means allocating specific time slots in my schedule to dedicate to Board meetings, preparation and any other responsibilities required of the position. I will also reduce my extra-curricular and study load if needed - being a Board Director comes with significant responsibility, and I will treat it accordingly.

How will you represent the best interests of the student community, while also representing the best interests of the USU?
As a student-centric organisation, the best interests of the USU should always coincide with the best interests of the student community and its staff, which it ultimately exists for. As a representative, I will strive to foster open communication between the two, actively listening to both parties, and advocating for solutions that benefit both. Transparency in decision-making and creating mechanisms for student feedback will be paramount, and I will always fight for student interests while also ensuring the USU can sustain itself for generations of students to come.

Identify an area of the USU where you would like to see improvement and explain how this will be of benefit to the organisation and/or students
Although it has been more than a year since Covid lockdowns lifted, Revues still struggle against decreased ticket sales, no storage space, little USU-promotion and extortionate Seymour fees. I would like to see far more support from the USU for these societies as I believe that performing arts are an indispensable part of campus culture, and is something that fosterscommunity and belonging. Furthermore, inclusivity for students of minority groups must be prioritised - cultural competency training needs to be implemented for C&S executives.

Nominator 1
Martha Barlow
Arts and Social Sciences, Law III

Nominator 2
Emma Greenup
Science II