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Youth Music Mission

Welcome to Youth Music Mission!

We call ourselves YMM! We aim to build a Christ-centred community on campus & share the love of Christ through music & volunteering. We run weekly lunch gatherings at Friday to eat and play games together, and share God’s love through music and songs! We even have opportunities to collaborate together to make music videos on Youtube! We are affiliated with Light and Love Home Sydney which provides many volunteering opportunities to connect with our local communities!

If you want to learn more about YMM please check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube @youthmusicmission

See you soon at one of our events!

*Fun fact: YMM is at the University of New South Wales and University of Toronto as well!

Join us, if you want to learn about Jesus through songs or just interested in music in general!

We volunteer to serve our community! Have you checked out our YouTube channel? We collaborate to make MVs. We plan music performances and concerts!

We run weekly lunch gatherings!

Youth Music Mission
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