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Yang Sheng (Health Promoting) Society

The club aims to prompt physical and mental well-being as well as encourage healthy habits among its members by engaging in regular morning exercise sessions.

In the regular morning exercise session we will focus on practising “Ba Bu Jin Gang Gong” which is a Daoist health and longevity qigong practice that applies the natural principle of “harmony between heaven and humanity” and combines Traditional Chinese Medicine’s theory of “Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements.” Through eight sets of movements that utilize the strength of internal energy, it clears the meridians throughout the body. This results in a smooth connection of the body, bones, and joints, adjusting certain deformities and misalignments of the spinal bones, thus restoring the normal function of the nervous system. Simultaneously, it harmonizes the operation of the internal organs, expelling various unhealthy elements from the body. This leads to achieving balance between Yin and Yang, promoting health while dispelling illness, and ultimately pursuing longevity. It can be considered an exceptional practice for health and longevity.