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Women in Technology

Hello World! We are Women in Technology (WIT).

The Australian Computer Society’s 2023 Digital Pulse report found that women make up only 29% of the tech workforce in Australia. WIT is a society passionately dedicated to empowering women so they can thrive in the technology industry despite underrepresentation.

WIT provides a wide range of opportunities for our members, including:

  • Educational workshops to get equipped for the tech workforce
  • Networking events to connect with professionals in the tech industry
  • Social events to mingle with peers who are passionate about tech

Don’t miss out on our annual WIT Mentoring Program! Get paired with an industry professional or senior student to gain insightful advice about your degree and career.

  • Kickstart at our welcome event to meet your mentor and fellow mentees
  • Meet up with your mentor in person or online every two weeks
  • Join more mentor-mentee bonding events to network and socialise
  • Participate in a problem-solving case competition alongside your mentor

Lastly, enjoy your programming joke of the day!

Q: Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas?

A: Because Oct 31 = Dec 25

Don’t get the joke? Play around with octal and decimal numbers!

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Upcoming Events



21 May to
Women in Technology
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