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Women in Finance

We are a club which is dedicated to promoting and educating women entering the finance industry, proving mentorship to support the transition between tertiary education and the workforce. We are affiliated with the non-for-profit global organisation, 100 Women in Finance, and our society provides students with valuable opportunities for business exposure, supporting a new generation of industry leadership for women and gender diverse individuals. We run various events to foster connections both between university students, as well as professionals in the industry.

Members will be able to network with a wide range of individuals, including industry professionals, to gain insight into their chosen field, and develop their communication and leadership skills.

We run a mix of professional and social events. Some highlights include panel nights, picnics, networking sessions, cruises, paint and sips and much much more.

You will have the chance to make friends across all year groups, as well as connect with professionals already in the finance industry, particularly from the 100 Women in Finance (a global organisation).

Women in Finance
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