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Women in Engineering

Hey! Hello! Hi! We are the Sydney University Women in Engineering Society.

We aim to encourage and empower female identifying students in engineering through providing a supportive community. Our membership is open everyone, to students of all genders, to schools in the faculty of engineering and beyond.

We hold three different types of events: Industry Nights, where we connect students with representatives from our sponsor companies to discuss career opportunities and advice; Workshops, where we engage with companies on a particular topic in a presentation format (these are the most common types of events during social distancing regulations as they can be easily held online), and social events, where we kick back and relax with our peers, often over a cup of coffee!

We would love to have you join the team!

Our most famous events include our Inter-Uni Cocktail Industry night, our fortnightly Coffee Runs and our semesterly social events; including Thai night and Italian night!