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Wildlife Society

Created in 2003, Sydney University Wildlife Society is a place for all University of Sydney students with a passion for wildlife and the environment to meet and share this passion with others. The current committee is made up of vet students with a particular interest in wildlife but we absolutely welcome members from any degree across the university. We have big plans this year for events including talks from some leaders in wildlife conservation around the globe, bushwalking, and zoo and wildlife park trips, to name a few. We’re also hoping to have some eco-friendly merch available for purchase. If you’re looking to join the Sydney University Wildlife Society, there is just a one-off fee of $5.00. Send us an email to [email protected] including your full name, USU number, student number, and university email. Feel free to also email us or slip into our social media dm’s if you have any questions.

Join us if you love animals, getting out in nature, conservation, education, and want to meet people who share this love of wildlife.

Some of our previous events include: – Whale watching cruises. – Camping trips. – Many talks about an array of wildlife from some awesome guests.

Wildlife Society
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