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Vietnamese International Students at the University of Sydney

Want to make friends and eat free food? You’ve come to the right place!

Established in 1991, the Vietnamese Students’ Association (VSA) at USYD is a cultural society that aims to promote and celebrate Vietnamese culture within and beyond our campus community. We offer events ranging from weekly food and social gatherings (on-campus) to games nights and competitions (online)! There are also many other events in between, including our themed Annual Cruise, Pho Night, Trivia Night, Charity Dinner, Oztag Day and much more!

Most importantly, you don’t have to be Vietnamese to join – anyone and everyone is welcome, regardless of background! By joining VSA at USYD, you become part of a greater VSA community which includes five other universities across NSW (UNSW, UTS, MQU and WSU), totalling to nearly 2,000 diverse individuals of varying ages, educational disciplines and cultures.

As a VSA member, you will also receive exclusive discounts from sponsors like Duo Duo Ice Cream, Huxtaburger, i Darts Zen, Eruji and Bengong Tea and Bakery!

If all that didn’t convince you, we also won the USU 2018 Dave Burnett Award for Most Successful Club with over 150 members!

Free food and social events (on-campus), game nights and competitions (online), and exclusive discounts to our sponsors!

Save the date for our themed Annual Cruise, Charity Dinner, Pho Night and Oztag Day. Members get discounted entry to these events too!

Online, on-campus and off-campus, you’ll have the chance to make new friends and catch up with them at future events.

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