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USYD Dog Society

Having a RUFF day? Are LAB reports getting you down? Do you need to recharge with some floofy cuddles? Then come join the USYD Dog Society to meet some new furry friends and hoomans! Whether you have a furry companion or not, everyone and every dog is encouraged to join our society events, ranging from on-campus BBQs and doggy meetups to coastal walk and dog yoga. Our society aims to connect students through their shared love for dogs of all shapes and sizes, enriching every student’s social life through our fortnightly activities. Established only last year, our club has members coming from all walks of life, from international and post-graduate students to even students from other universities. With such a diverse and multicultural community, we can guarantee there is something for everyone. So, don’t wait! Fetch your best friends and come along to meet cute and floofy doggos and make some unforgettable memories with some paw-some friends!

You will be able to cuddle with the fluffiest dogs, attend events for free alongside with discounts for a variety of local and online shops.

Our society’s off-campus dog meet-up at Victoria park remains as one of the most popular events and is a must-attend for any dogsoc member.

Our society holds fortnightly events, with and without dogs to ensure members are always offered with opportunities to interact with dogs and friends alike.

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Membership tiers:
Standard: Free
$5: $5