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Traditional Karate-Do

Hello! We are the USYD Traditional Karate-do Society, and we teach one of the world’s oldest martial arts! If you are interested in joining, feel free to come to our trainings! The first lesson is a FREE TRIAL!

  • Date: Every Tuesday – 6:00-8:00pm
  • Location: UTS Building 4 Ross-Milbourne Sports Hall, Thomas St Ultimo

We also hold many exciting, social events each semester – including (but not limited to!) sponsored dinners, karaoke, bowling and BBQ! We also recently had the Itosu-kai Soke / Headmaster (a living 10th Dan!) come join our class from Japan for a special training!

Our karate style is Itosu-ryu. But what is Itosu-ryu you ask?

  • Itosu-ryu karatedo stems from the lineage of Shuri-te master Sokon Matsumura (1798-1890). It was founded by Anko Itosu (1830-1915), who is popularly regarded as one of the fathers of karatedo.
  • We are different in the sense we are a more traditional and balanced style than some of the mainstream styles
  • Our movements are both sharp and striking for longer reach (shuri-te), and round. There is a combination of hard and soft, fast and slow with tension and breathing (naha-te).
  • We learn and teach 2 styles in the Kata: both Goju-ryu (naha-te) and Itosu-ryu (shuri-te) styles.
  • Compared to full contact karate, it emphasizes Kata and meaning behind them, including form, movement, balance, speed and power, not just strength and conditioning and hitting a target as hard as possible.

However, while we specialise in traditional karate, we also train modern sports karate that is non-contact and competitive.

Our training has 3 focus areas – basics & kata (meditative pattern of forms), self-defence and kumite (sparring).

Our teachers are all government-accredited coaches, and we believe that everyone should train hard – but safely. This means you’ll learn badass movements in a safe setting, and our associated instructors have never had a short or long-term injury in over 15 years.

If you’ve already studied karate, that’s fantastic! You are invited to come and practice with us in your own style! Our instructors have studied a wide range of techniques and martial arts and can accommodate your needs.

When you join our club, you automatically become a member of the Australian Karate Federation, allowing you to participate in karate-do at the state, national, international, and potentially even world /Olympic level (2021). Our teachers have helped students win international and national contests, as well as rank in the top ten at world championships!

For any further questions, feel free to DM us on our socials or email [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you at training!

Our website:

You will learn karate from scratch with the best teacher/sensei and team!

  • Karate basics, kumite (sparring), kata (patterns) and much more!
  • You can enjoy a fun social events after training with the USYD TKS fam!

Contact us for a FREE trial lesson if you are interested!

We hold a variety of social events each semester. Some of our previous events include many sponsored dinners, BBQ/picnic at Coogee beach, bowling in Strathfield and karaoke at Town Hall! We also recently had the Itosu-kai Soke / Headmaster (a living 10th Dan!) come join our class from Japan for a special training!

They are always a wonderful opportunity to hang out and meet new people!

Traditional Karate-Do
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