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The Vietnamese Students Association of the University of Sydney

Do you want free Vietnamese food on a weekly basis? How about attending some sell-out social events where you can make new friends and great memories? Then signing up to the Vietnamese Students’ Association (VSA) at USYD is your next step to enriching your university experience!

Established in 1991, VSA at USYD is a cultural society that aims to promote and celebrate Vietnamese culture within and beyond our campus community. Nothing beats gathering around with your mates to enjoy and appreciate Vietnamese delicacies such as Banh Mi and Pho! We also host grand social gatherings including our iconic Vietnamese Games night and Annual Oz Tag Day. Additionally, we aim to give back to the Asian community by engaging in philanthropic activities such as hosting our extravagant Charity Dinner to raise donations for a great cause!

We welcome anyone and everyone – you don’t have to be Vietnamese to join our community! By joining VSA at USYD, you become part of a greater VSA community which includes five other universities across NSW (UNSW, UTS, MQU and WSU), totalling to nearly 2,000 diverse individuals.

Becoming a VSA member allows you to reap in the benefits our sponsors exclusively offer – we’re talking about Ice Kirin Bar, Mochiric, 7/10 Split Bowling and many more!

So… what are you waiting for?

If you appreciate Vietnamese culture, love Vietnamese cuisine, and want to meet like-minded individuals, signing up to VSA USYD is your ticket to fun (and awesome discounts)!

Save the date for our themed Annual Cruise, Charity Dinner, Pho Night and Oztag Day. Members get discounted entry to these events too!

We host weekly Vietnamese food and social events including fried rice and trivia night on campus! Our flagship events, Pho Night and Oz Tag Day are hosted off-campus. By coming to our events, you’ll have the chance to make new friends and great memories!

The Vietnamese Students Association of the University of Sydney
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Membership tiers:
Standard: Free
Annual Membership: $5