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The International Youth Fellowship

The IYF society was established in 2008 with the vision of developing and empowering students with a healthy and positive mindset. Founded by leaders across the realms of business, academia, government, faith and other profession, the IYF believes that many of the core problems that hinder youth today stem from the heart and can be tackled from the heart. With the motto of change, challenge and cohesion, the IYF connects young people, opens their heart and instil life-long changes. Our programs consist of mindset lectures, overseas volunteering, world camps, academies in art, culture, music and dance and many more. Our membership is free and because we believe in the spirit of selflessness, sacrifice and service to the most precious heart of the university – the Sydney uni students, that is you. Join us and experience a lifelong change for the better.

Join us and access over 150 countries for our overseas volunteering program. Learn culture (e.g. Kpop anyone?). Learn growth mindset. Learn listening. Learn leadership.

Mindset Education and Mind Recreation programs are run weekly. Our annual world camp and summer camps are our flagship events you cannot miss!

The International Youth Fellowship
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