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Teach Learn Grow at USYD

Teach Learn Grow (TLG) is a non-for-profit charity organisation aspiring to close the education gap in Western Australia. 

Our mission is to improve the educational outcomes and aspirations of rural and Indigenous students in socio-disadvantaged areas so that they can reach their full potential. Teach Learn Grow sends tutors twice per year to rural areas to deliver thousands of hours of one-to-one tutoring that proves essential in the learning pathway of rural students. 

Through fun social events and informative activities, Teach Learn Grow USYD aims to raise funds for the non-for-profit and garner participants for the TLG Rural Program and e-mentoring. 

Being part of TLG and its programs will enable you to develop professional and personal skills such as communication, leadership and public speaking.

We intend to run various BBQ’s, trivia nights and other social events to raise funds and awareness.

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