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Taiwanese Students’ Association


We are one of the largest cultural societies within USYD formed by a group of passionate students just like you, who want to create an environment to welcome all new and or returning students to the TSA family for another exciting semester.

Regardless of your ethnic label or nationality, our society opens our door to all students willing to join us to share, discover and experience the culture of Taiwan.

We aim to showcase the Taiwanese lifestyle through our events, which include food stalls, night market games and much more!

We aspire to use our cultural traditional as a means to connect with our member and provide them with memorable experiences of joy, laughter and fulfilment.

So if you believe that we share the beliefs in what a cultural society should cater for, then come over to our stall and join TSA family today!


No matter who you are, are where you are from, TSA is your sweet home away from home.

We’re not strictly limited to Taiwanese only, in fact TSA is widely recognised amongst the Hong Kong, Cantonese communities, the Malaysian and Singapore communities, and in general, please feel free to join us!!!
If you are interested in any aspects of Taiwan, whether it be tourism, music (the obvious one ^__^), food, about the uni in general and making new, long-lasting friendships

TSA organises both formal and informal monthly events and activities to bring the Taiwanese students closer together, and make university life a more rewarding and memorable experience than just academics and studying.
TSA also hopes to use its cultural ties to the Taiwanese community, to able to share with the rest of Sydney what makes Taiwanese people and unique culture.