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Sydney University Slavic Society

Please outline how your club will contribute to the objects of the C&S Program (Above) The aims of the Society shall be to:

i) To serve as the primary society at the University of Sydney that unites students of Slavic backgrounds

ii) To raise awareness and promote Slavic culture on campus
What kinds of activities do you expect your club to be running and how will they be managed?

The Society will undertake the following activities to achieve its aims:

I. Food stalls, barbecues and other similar activities which will showcase the various cuisines and aspects of Slavic culture available in Australia
II. Cooperate with off campus partners and seek to get the Slavic community of Sydney involved in the society
III. Liaising with similar societies from other universities to hold inter-varsity events.
IV. As above but with other ethno-cultural societies at the University of Sydney