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Radiography Society, Sydney University

Hi everyone and welcome to RADSOC!! Sydney Uni Radiography Society (RADSOC) is a representative body for all those studying Radiography, or interested in the field of Medical Imaging! This society aims to create a supportive and tight-knit community by fostering connectedness between Radiography students and facilitating networks with professionals in the Medical Imaging field. Join us for our regular events held throughout the year, including: Social events (including meet and greets, trivia and barbeques) to connect with other society members and build a support network throughout the semester. Career events (including professional networking, information sessions and Q&A panel) to connect with professionals and gain insight into the Medical Imaging field.

Join us for exclusive events, excellent opportunities to connect with fellow students and to learn more about the Medical Imaging field.

We run a mix of social and professional events aimed towards those interested in Medical Imaging, and these events run regularly through each semester!

We hold in person and online events all semester so join us for professional and social meet ups!

Radiography Society, Sydney University
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