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Sydney Indian Law Society

This is a proposal for the establishment of Indian Law Society at The University of Sydney Law School. The students from the countries often struggle to settle in and have little to no support. This society aims to support the students in three ways:

Indian Students often struggle to fit in and find it difficult to make connections, especially as international students. Students, being away from home often struggle with their sense of belonging and identity. This society would organize networking events to ensure that students with common ethnic background have the chance to make connections and friends. It will also attempt to engage students from other nationality and make the experience of studying at Sydney Law School more enriching.

Education system in India varies in several aspects from the education system in Australia. It takes a while for students to get accustomed to their academic studies in Sydney. This society would provide students with academic support and help them navigate through their law degree.

Apart from this, society will also provide support in other ways. For instance, given the rental crisis in Australia, it becomes difficult for students to find accommodation in Sydney. This might be even more difficult for students who do not have any family or acquaintances in Sydney.

The society will aim to provide support in terms of navigating their career progression. For instance, students who are established in their professional careers can provide mentoring to interested students.

A newsletter will be published from time to time. It will include information about the latest news and notifications relevant to the discipline of law. For example, the recent development of agreements between India and Australia.

Moreover, it will include the achievements of students and their interviews stating their preparation and process for the same. This will guide prospective as well as current students. The newsletter will also include any articles or submissions by the students.

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