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Sutekh – Board Game and Tabletop Society

Sutekh is the University of Sydney’s board game and tabletop role-playing game society!

We dedicate ourselves to holding two board games events a week during semester, and to sharing our love of the hobby. Beginners, amateurs and dedicated hobbyists are all welcome.

We do everything from:

  • weekly board game events;
  • ongoing TTRPGs;
  • Warhammer + TCG events;
  • Inter-university collaborations; trivia nights, and other one-off events!

With our huge variety of events, you’ll always have something to do and find a great community to be a part of.

We do everything pop/geek/nerd culture. No matter what your niche interest is, you'll likely find a group that is just as passionate as you.

You can check out all of our links at our Linktree below!

  • Projects from our Warhammer and TTRPG Subcommittees
  • Calendar of events
  • Facebook, Instagram and our socials
  • Our libraries
  • our Discord server too!

Hope to see you at our events!