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Student Outreach to the World

Student Outreach to the World is a christian university ministry focused on discipling students to LOVE Jesus, SERVE His church and REACH His world. We believe that our time in university is more than just acquiring a degree, rather we invite students to explore who Jesus Christ is, understand what He has done, is doing, and will do for us, and to know what it means to live a life worth living. We uphold this through the teaching of sound biblical theology, training students in discipleship and leadership, as well as help students grow in their personal relationships and love for God.

Come for open discussions, to meet genuine people and experience what Christ-centred community looks like in USYD!

We meet regularly every Tuesday at 5pm on campus, have small group bible studies, intercampus events, a midyear road trip, and SOW camp to look forward to each year!!

Student Outreach to the World
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