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Spanish and Latin American Society

The University of Sydney Spanish and Latin American Society (SUSLAS) provides an interactive space for anyone who is interested in the language or the richness of cultural diversity that the Spanish speaking world has to offer. Whether you belong to a Spanish speaking culture or not, this society is all about forming a community where our differences are celebrated through social events, and various forms of knowledge can be acquired as topics relevant to the academia which are developed to strengthen graduate skills. The mission of SUSLAS is to work with and learn from members in order to create and enjoy a little piece of home in the land down under where everyone feels included.

Our mission is to create a community in university for people who are interested in the Spanish and Latino culture. For people who have not lived in Australia and are doing a semester abroad, coming from a different culture or country is always overwhelming and most of the time adapting to a new environment is a challenge international students must experience. The aim of the society is providing a space where people feel they have a home while studying in USYD. As for non-spanish speakers or anyone who is interested into getting near to Spain and Latino America, and want to learn the language, costumes, and culture this is a perfect space for you.

Missing the benefits and advantages of gaining a degree of cultural competence lived through events created to absorb the culture in an interactive way.

The dynamic of meetups and interactions vary according to the type of event or activity.

Spanish and Latin American Society
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