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Solidarity Student Club

Capitalism isn’t working: another world is possible!

Solidarity is a socialist group. We stand for a different kind of world. Our student club is especially active building a campaign to free refugees, and to save Sydney College of the Arts from being shut down. We want to unite students and workers in a fight against Malcolm Turnbull’s cruel and bankrupt government. Solidarity holds regular meetings and Marxist reading groups. The Sydney branch also meets every Thursday at 6.30pm, 8-10 Brown St., Newtown.

Solidarity is a socialist group with branches across Australia. We are opposed to the madness of capitalism and committed to fighting for change.

We’re committed to building social movements and the wider left, through throwing ourselves into struggles for social justice, against racism and to strengthen rank-and-file unionism. We are taking the first steps towards building an organisation that can help lead the fight for an alternative system based on mass democratic planning, in the interests of human need not profit.

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