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Society for Creative Anachronism

The Sydney Uni Society for Creative Anachronism, also known as the College of Saint Ursula, is your single destination for all things medieval and ancient. We are a society that does historical recreation from sewing to fighting, dancing to brewing, and all the other good things people were up to before 1600. We are the Sydney Uni chapter of a wider group of enthusiasts and we hold camping events, wars, feasts and balls.

We pride ourselves as a group to make friends and develop skills. We have a supportive wider society, and plenty of experience to draw upon.

Each Easter break we are part of the massive Rowany Festival event, a camping event in full historical dress, hosting feasts, shows, and wars.

Regular events currently announced by communication:

Mondays: Fighter Practice, for multiple forms of historical combat

Wednesday: Arts and Sciences classes, learn and develop historical skills

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