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Society for Creative Anachronism

In the realm of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a radiant beacon illuminates the past, weaving pre-1600 history with modern delights, stands the College of Saint Ursula. A fervour for ages of yore gathers us to craft chivalry, artistry, camaraderie, and wisdom anew, fashioning a haven where echoes of antiquity resound vibrantly. Amidst authenticity and creativity, we don period garb, embracing roles to honour ancestral legacy. We bid you tread alongside, traversing the domains of old, as we unfurl the parchment of pre-1600 history and inscribe anew the tales of antiquity.

Joining the Society for Creative Anachronism is an odyssey into a realm where history springs to life. Through shared camaraderie, immersive events, and a dedication to pre-1600 history, members uncover a tapestry of experiences that rekindle the past's vibrancy. All find their place within our community, forging friendships as they journey through eras long gone. For those seeking connection, learning, and the thrill of discovery, the Society offers a unique opportunity to step beyond the confines of modernity and immerse oneself in the captivating experiences of bygone times.

Embark upon armoured fighting and rapier, engaging in chivalrous combat as echoes of knights past resound. Immerse yourself in the arts, where forgotten crafts and skills are reborn under your skilled hands. Let melodies and music take you on a journey through time while feasting brings tastes of ancient culinary delights. Partake in tournaments that harken to days of chivalry, and bask in the regal splendour of royal courts. Yet, this is but a glimpse into the veritable treasure trove of pursuits that await your presence within our noble fellowship.

Regular events currently announced by communication:

Monday: Fighter Practice 7pm – late – Prepare thine armour, for on the morrow, we venture to the fighter's practice field, where valiant hearts clash and camaraderie flourishes in the crucible of combat. Held at Addi Road Gumbramorra Hall.

Wednesday: Arts and Sciences 5pm – 7pm – Come, let us journey to the realm of Arts and Sciences, where hands skilled and minds curious gather to breathe life into forgotten crafts and ancient wisdom. Held at the USYD Holme Building.