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Socialist Alternative Club

Hate capitalism? So do we! We think the system is rotten to its core. Whether it’s the rich getting richer while we get poorer, the rise of the far-right and attacks on the rights of LGBTI people and women, or the looming climate crisis, capitalism is not working for the majority of people.

Our club is also a space for political debate and study. We host regular public on-campus forums to discuss everything from Marxist theory to contemporary developments in world politics, as well as introductory and advanced study groups on socialist theory.

Our club is about discussing these radical ideas as well as about doing something right now to fight the system. You might have seen us standing on the picket lines with striking USYD staff this year, organising rallies against the rental crisis, or yelling at former Prime Ministers when they come on campus. If that sounds like something that you’d be interested in, then you should absolutely get involved! You can sign up to our club here!

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