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Social Dancing Society

Want to learn how to dance? Moves that match the music and your partner? Welcome to the USYD Social Dancing society, we’re a fun and friendly bunch that enjoy learning partner dance styles; where you learn moves by their rhythm so that you can meet a friend at a party or even a stranger at a club and – without any choreography – perform an exciting and stunning dance.

Every Wednesday evening we run Salsa classes taught by a professional at student discount prices. There are classes for intermediates and total beginners. So anyone can learn no matter how much dance experience they have! We regularly have picnics, barbecues and go to the beach and clubs. We began in Feb 2020 and were so popular (pre-COVID-19) that we signed up 150 members in our first 4 weeks of existence!

Right now every week we offer bachata Tuesdays, and salsa at beginner and intermediate levels on Wednesdays, our most popular class!

If you're looking for a way to get to know people and also get some exercise in at the same time while jamming to groovy music, this is the club for you! We teach multiple partner dancing styles so there's something for everyone! There's also no requirement to come with a partner; everyone gets rotated around so eventually you'll have danced with the whole class!

It's a super chill society and there's no expectations of anyone to go on and become a career dancer (though if you do end up winning any awards, be sure to give us a shout-out in the acceptance speech, okay?)

Make sure to follow us on instagram (@sds.usyd) to keep track of the class locations, looking forward to seeing you there!

Please find the weekly class times below:

  • Salsa: Wednesdays. starting week 1 and running every teaching week.
    • Beginners level begins at 5PM
    • Intermediates at 6:30PM
  • Swing: Tuesdays. Starting week 1 and running every teaching week. 6.20-7.20PM
  • Bachata: Tuesdays. Starting week 1 and running every teaching week. 5-6PM
Social Dancing Society
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