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Come join the BEST bouldering club in Sydney!!!!

Become a member in 3 simple steps!

1. Join our club through USU, CHOOSE THE QPAY OPTION! (do not pay through USU)

2. Check your emails to get your digital membership tag

3. Follow email instructions from QPay. Complete purchase & add your tag to your mobile wallet!

If you don't receive an email in a few minutes, follow this link:

Join if you’re interested in starting bouldering, keen on improving, hungry for some juicy discounts or psyched to form long lasting friendships!

Our Friday night climbs are an unmissable experience (and don’t just end at the gym), plus keep an eye out for our legendary semester roadtrips!

Our regular events are held on Friday nights, where we catch up for several hours of climbing and banter (check Facebook for info).

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