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Random Acts of Kindness

Hey guys! We’re the Random Acts of Kindness Society (RAKSOC) and we are devoted to spreading kindness, joy and support on campus through fun events, volunteer/charity work, and collaborative initiatives. Want to write letters of appreciation or supportive messages to put around during exam season? How about volunteering for Cancer Council or helping out with bushcare sessions and campus clean-ups?

We hold various social events for you to meet fellow friends and more, as well as volunteering sessions ranging from handing out study packs during busy times to making sandwiches in our Kindness Kitchen and distributing them to people in need via Food Hub.

Join us to spread kindness on campus and in public and help make the world a tad better!

Updates on events can be found on our socials (Instagram & Discord)!

Hint: check our Discord for Random Acts of Kindness opportunities 😉

Random Acts of Kindness
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