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Queer Revue Society

Queer Revue is an annual sketch comedy show put on by and for queers and allies as part of the Identity Revues season at USYD! We perform sketches, tell jokes, sing, dance and just generally get up to all kinds of silliness on stage – but just as importantly, Queer Revue is about creating a safe space for a community of fellow queer people to come together and have fun! There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether you want to strut the stage (acting, singing, dancing) or help out behind the scenes (production, design, working backstage). Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with this year’s show, auditions, social get-togethers and more!

You can act, sing, dance, write comedic sketches, produce, design or stage manage a show, make friends, make memories in an open and queer-friendly space!

Not only will you experience our regular sketch comedy revue and camp, you’ll take part in collaborative social events with queer societies and friend hangouts!

You’ll write and rehearse sketches in our weekly rehearsals, or bring your fabulous ideas to life in production meetings – all while making new friends!

Queer Revue Society
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