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Pokemon League

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Or do you appreciate Pokémon? The Sydney University Pokémon League welcomes you to the world of Pokémon! Your very own Pokémon legend begins here at Sydney University! So take courage, and join our Pokémon world where dreams, adventure and friendships await!

We celebrate all things Pokémon through regular events such as battle workshops, anime/movie screenings, art workshops, Pokémon trivia, TCG and VGC tournaments and more!

It's time for Pokémon fans to unite and Bellossom, so join us and unlock your potential as a Pokémon Master!

  • Become part an expansive community of Pokémon trainers from first year to alumni!
  • Join weekly in person variety events, both in person and online
  • Challenge yourself in weekly tournaments
  • Our in person events change weekly including things such as art, gaming, TCG, and more!
  • We have an active Discord community filled with Poké discussion, online meets, and games! This is also where we hold tournaments
  • We hold larger events, some of our past including Trivia, Graffiti Tunnel, and Pokémon GO Walk
  • Collabs with other societies, including cross University Pokémon society events and tournaments!

In person:

  • Tuesday ISL 12-2 pm variety meetups
  • Biweekly special events

Online (Discord):

  • Thursday Discord Afterdark 8pm
  • Biweekly Saturday night Tournaments (Showdown, Unite, cross University!)