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Piano Society

PianoSoc has a rich history of hosting concerts, for music that’s classical, pop, jazz, romantic, contemporary, or anything else! We host awesome social events, including jams, where you can meet other musicians, and/or listen to what we’ve been practicing. We’re extraordinarily passionate about music; piano in particular. At meetups, we have free pizza and drinks! Join one of the biggest and best musical communities at USyd, across both the Conservatorium of Music and main campus!

We have formal (by audition) and casual (relaxed) concerts throughout the year, so we cater to every skill level – PianoSoc is a mix of learned professionals and enthusiastic beginners, with everything in between. We also host a yearly composition competition, with hundreds of dollars to be won!

This year, we’ll be live-streaming our concerts. Don’t miss out on watching or even performing some great music. PianoSoc is a really friendly society, and we would love for you to join us! And for the remainder of 2020 (in exchange for the horrible year it’s been), IT’S FREE!!

Get access to performance opportunities, meet other musicians at social events, and see concerts with us at discount rates! Join a community of music appreciation!

Our concerts are a highlight of our calendar. Formal concerts display the amazing musicality of our professional members, and casual concerts (socials) are a blast!

We have meet-ups every fortnight, with free pizza and drinks! We hold social events like trivia, casual concerts and outings to concerts.

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: Free