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Physics Society

Our society is the place where all physics students and enthusiasts at the university can come to connect with each other and make new friends. We hold a wide range of community events, including BBQs, Trivia Nights, Games Nights and Estimation Competitions, all of which provide opportunities to meet like minded people. We also hold fortnightly talks on exciting developments in the field of physics, and hold annual Networking Nights, where you can meet with representatives from industry. We hope to strengthen our Physics community, bringing like-minded people together, and to provide members of our community with the opportunities to engage with academia and industry. Some fun facts about us: We’ve smashed records this year, and now have over 400 members. We’ve won C&S’s best T-shirt award two years in a row, thanks to the awesome submissions sent in by the community in our annual T-shirt competition. Our society’s journal is called “Jeremy”, a name that dates back to the 80s and is of mysterious origin.

You’ll meet like-minded people, make new friends, learn cool things along the way, and get your foot in the door with industry.

Major events held by the Physics Society include our fortnightly talks on physics, our biannual joint trivia nights, and our annual networking nights.

We hold regular BBQs, games nights (over Zoom) and more, giving plenty of opportunity to catch up and make friends.