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Muslims in Health Society

Muslims in Health was founded with the vision to give Muslim students studying health degrees a support network they could rely on for socialising and gaining the experiences necessary to excel in their future careers. Membership is also open to individuals willing to learn more about our lifestyle and the challenges we face. If you’re interested in attending Muslim friendly social events and making lifelong connections, this society is the place to be.

Registration is simple! Just fill out the google form and we’ll get in contact with you.

Students who join us will be part of a loving and caring environment. They’ll meet an amazing and supportive group that will be helpful throughout their degree. We offer our members exclusive access to all our networking events. they’ll be given easy access to the industry and alumni through various connections of the University and through us.

We’re hoping to make our Annual Iftaar our biggest event, for all members from the University Community to come together as we celebrate the spirit of Ramadan.

Our club will have monthly movie nights and weekly book clubs to keep our members from overloading on the stress of their degrees and to maintain the society’s social life. We will also continuously have meet and greets and catch ups so we don’t lose contact!

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Membership tiers:
Standard: Free
: Free