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Muslim Students’ Association

Sydney Muslim Students Association (SUMSA) is the formal student body representing all Muslims on campus. With an established prayer room, weekly Halaqahs (knowledge circles), dawah events, and social gatherings, SUMSA aims to cater to the needs of Muslims on campus and encourage strong brotherhood and sisterhood. What started as efforts to establish weekly Jumu’ah prayers on campus in 1972, SUSMA has come a long way to meet the growing demands of our thriving Muslim community. We have our prayer space located in Storie Dixon Room 200 weekly Jumu’ah prayers in OTC Hall. Over time, the musallah has become dear to our hearts and is often considered our 'home away from home' as we gather together and feel the buzz of a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. SUMSA also hosts weekly events, ranging from dawah to social gatherings. Throughout the semester we host larger-scale events consisting of debates or panel discussions by experts in their field, and sometimes our own knowledgeable students. Whether you are looking for a place to meet more people or get involved in dawah and outreach, SUMSA hopes to cater to you and provide a friendly, supporting community.

Join weekly Halaqas, social catch-ups, and fortnightly games. There are inter-MSA collaborations, panel discussions, and debates on relevant topics that intersect our Muslim community today.

Mark your calendars for annual Islamic Awareness Week: an action-packed week of thriving dawah stalls, riveting debates and talks, and a thrilling buzz of community.

Whether you join sister’s coffee catch-up sessions or Kahf circle, or join brother’s games nights or Tilawah circles, you will find a place you belong!

Muslim Students’ Association
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