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Sydney University Medical Society

The Sydney University Medical Society (SUMS) is the representative body for all Doctor of Medicine (MD) students enrolled in the University of Sydney Medical Program. We have a long and proud history dating back to 1886, making us Australia’s oldest medical student society.

Since its inception, the Medical Society has enhanced the university experience of medical students through time-honoured social events, publications, academic seminars, athletic and wellbeing activities and community-service projects.

The Society functions for you – we run social events like the annual MedBall, academic functions such as the revered Lambie Dew Oration, advocate to Faculty about curriculum change, and run seminars to fill in those gaps in your learning.

We advocate for the educational interests of our members, through representation to the Sydney Medical School, New South Wales Medical Students Council, Australian Medical Students’ Association and Australian Medical Association.

Sydney University Medical Society
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