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Madrigal Society

Our Society began in 1999 as four students singing Madrigals around a piano, but we have since evolved into a full chamber choir. We're an eclectic bunch who perform Renaissance madrigals and everything else that strikes our fancy. If you're up for a fast-paced, light-hearted rehearsal that gets your adrenaline going with challenging repertoire, this is your choir.

We tend to put our semester's work towards one major concerts per semester, but also sing in smaller gigs and casual performances throughout the year. Our 2022 semester 2 concert was titled Dreams of Galileo; our 2023 semester 1 concert The Forest at the End of the World. Some of our past engagements have been at the St. Ives Medieval Faire and Carols on Dangar Island.

If you are interested in singing with us, come along to one of our rehearsals on Tuesday evenings, 5-7pm! We typically rehearse in the John Woolley Building, lecture theatre N395, but please ping ahead on social platforms (Instagram and Facebook) or [email protected] to check where we are.

We're non-auditioned and have a $0 join fee, so drop in any week to try us on for size! Experience reading music helps but is by no means required – we have singers who learn by ear.

Cool music nerds! Exciting repertoire! Dorky socials! What else could you ask for!

Madrigal Society
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