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Korean Association

The University of Sydney Korean Association (USKA) is the largest student organisation on campus dedicated for the welfare of both local and international Korean students. USKA strives to maximise the university experience for its members through a variety of different events, including welcome dinners, outings, informational sessions and MTs (overnight retreats). Through these events, we hope to facilitate a welcoming and comfortable environment where all Korean students can mingle and socialise with each other and ultimately form a constructive network that offers both professional and personal development.

USKA offers the most exclusive opportunities where members can meet new people within and outside the University and gradually build their social circles. Members gain access to all the events held by USKA and exclusive discounts and deals from USKA’s sponsors.

USKA’s MT is one that cannot be missed. It is the best opportunity for one to immerse themselves in the university life, build genuine and lasting friendships and experience the joys and thrills only granted in your 20s.

In addition to USKA’s regular events throughout the year, members can also engage in casual meet ups.

Korean Association
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Membership tiers:
Ordinary Membership (Semesters 1 & 2): $10
Ordinary Membership (Semester 2 Only): $5